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What Do I Get For My Money?

        We thought it may be a good idea to explain a little about what you get for your money!

This may save the question being asked.

1- We put up one of our background backdrops.

2- You can also have a side screen for some privacy but know one has to date.

3- Set up a digital camera on a tripod with or without a wireless remote shutter, so anyone can use it to take their own photos.

4- We also set up some studio lights for the flash depending on the amount of light needed. Operated vie the camera.

5- We supply two large trunks full of props, these consist of over 100 Hats, Wigs, Masks & Glasses, plus numerous blow up items like Guitars, Trumpets, Saxophones & Microphones not forgetting the Champaign Bottles & Handcuffs. Also Blackboard type Clapper Boards and Speech Bubbles for writing personal messages on!

6- A good number of different style Frames to give your photo that U've Been Framed look.

7- Unlimited photos all of which will be professionally edited and put on a boxed CD on average we take between 350 & 500 fun photos.

8- We are don't offer prints on the night, as this takes up so much time, and we would rather your guests enjoy the photos and dressing up, most people these days like to have their images digitally so they can be used on Face Book and the likes, we will add some of the images to Face Book as proofs with your permission!


Unlike one of the box kind of Photo Booths we can have a hole group of people and use the fun blow up items rather than just a couple of head shot photo's. We have a very high and respectable feedback from all. 

Below are a couple of photos taken at a Bridal Fair of the very Basic set up.

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